Commercial Services

Hayes Building & Remodeling, Inc. works with you to achieve the most efficient and best suited structure for your business needs at an affordable price point. Our knowledge and experience in construction enables us to build a variety of commercial buildings, incorporating the necessary details that will help your business succeed. Our reputation in the area is one of quality and reliability, so we invite you to contact us to see what we can do for you.

Our services include commercial, industrial and institutional construction.

We are fully licensed and bonded as a general contractor for the state of South Carolina, and we have decades of experience in building commercial structures. We understand that a building needs to be both functional and authentic to your business. While structure is obviously important, so is form when it comes selling your product or service.

Each of our commercial structures comes with the promise not meet minimum code, but the guarantee of of exceeding expectations. The details matter for us, and will extend even to maintaining a clean work site. We are competitively priced and stay abreast of the current market conditions.

Contact Hayes Building & Remodeling, Inc. today if you are ready to build the right commercial structure for your business.