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At Hayes Building & Remodeling, Inc. we build affordable homes with timeless character. We are a fully licensed and bonded residential contractor for the state of South Carolina. We distinguish ourselves from other builders by our experience, presence and attention to detail. We strive not to sink into predictable and repetitive homebuilding, but aim for a customized building experience with a hands-on approach to building your home.

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We come along side our clients, stepping in where necessary to provide options and guidance. We can kick off with the plan selection process or we can step in to build your existing dream home floor plan. We seek to engage you at the level you need, not the level the marketing experts have predicted or whisk you through our pre-selected, cookie-cutter design facility.

Custom Playhouse Construction

Each of our homes is built not only to meet code, but to exceed it. Our homes include many internal details such as extra bracing for support and higher quality lumber. These little and often hidden details are a part of a solid structure built to last.

We also don’t rely heavily on subcontractors. Most of the work is completed by Hayes Building & Remodeling, Inc., and only certain essential functions are subbed out to long trusted and reputable partners.

If you are even considering the construction of a new home, then owner and contractor Tommy Hayes is your man to talk with. Please contact us today to determine your needs, desires, and plan for your next home.

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